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Investment and engagement at every stage of employment is one of the most effective ways to elevate the performance of your HMG. These staffing resources follow the lifecycle of an employee, beginning with hiring the right candidate to building a workplace that will engage employees and cultivate their full potential.

Recuitment & Hiring

Finding and choosing right candidate among the many qualified applicants takes time and careful consideration. SHM’s Career Center matches jobs and job seekers and allows employers to create free accounts to find new talent.

Whether you’re a hospitalist looking for your next career move or a health system in search of your next big star, the SHM Career Center connects you with the career opportunities and talent you need.


10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Physician, NP, or PA

Interviewing can be stressful for both the interviewer and interviewee. SHM’s Practice Management Committee assembled 10 key questions that get to the heart of a candidate’s motivation to join your group and will help you reap the greatest benefit from your time.

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"Onboarding is essential for many important reasons, including but not limited to, provider retention, engagement and preparedness. It helps build and maintain culture within the HMG. Whether you have a well-funded onboarding program or not, you must develop and implement a structured onboarding process. Just because you don't have adequate funding for onboarding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.”

– Hardik Vora, MD (Chair, Practice Management Committee 2019-2021)

A well-developed onboarding program can help groups build a strong, committed team that works together effectively. These resources provide an inside look at different approaches for onboarding programs and will help HMG leaders create the program best suited to meet the specific needs of their group.

Member Resources for Onboarding

  • Guiding Principles for Effective Onboarding
  • Onboarding Clinical Ramp-Up Case Studies for Physicians and NP/PAs
  • New Provider Orientation Checklist

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The best employees are engaged and committed to the success of their organization. These resources are geared towards leaders who seek to build a collaborative culture that supports both hospitalists and their patients.

Wellbeing and Burnout

Burnout is a key issue the entire medical field must face. Medscape’s 2020 National Physician Burnout & Suicide Report estimated that 42% of physicians experience burnout. SHM is committed to supporting hospitalists with resources that take a holistic response to not just reducing burnout, but ultimately promoting wellbeing at all levels in an HMG.

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The 5 Rs of Cultural Humility

In the medical realm, cultural humility describes awareness of how people's culture can impact their health behaviors. This awareness is critical to developing sensitive approaches in treating patients. 

Our framework encourages hospitalists to be humble, learn what is important to the patient, and leave every encounter having learned something from the interaction. By practicing cultural humility, hospitalists can win the hearts and minds of patients, families, and care team members they do not know in their everyday practice.

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Nurse Practitioners / Physician Assistants

Nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) are integral members of the hospital medicine team. SHM has developed a suite of resources to assist both from an administrative and an individual NP/PA perspective, to onboard, integrate and engage NPs and PAs in hospital medicine.

Member Resources for NPs/PAs

  • NP/PA Hospital Medicine Onboarding Toolkit
  • Onboarding Clinical Ramp-Up Case Studies for Physicians and NP/PAs
  • SHM's Statement on Hospital Medicine NP/PA Practice Integration & Optimization
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Practice Administrators

Practice administrators perform core functions in hospital medicine groups and can serve in a variety of different capacities. SHM developed tools and resources to help practice administrators grow in their professional careers and build a healthy culture for both employees and patients.

Member Resources for Practice Administrators

  • Leadership Essentials Launchpad Podcast
  • Core Competencies of a Hospital Medicine Practice Administrator
  • Key Principles and Characteristics of an Effective Hospital Medicine Group – Comparison Tool for Administrators
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